Stateside Apparel


STATESIDE was born on the streets of New York City, we traveled up and down the coast, from Maine to Miami in Comfort. We criss-crossed all 50 of The States, from the East to the West Coast. We expanded our minds and horizons in Frisco, dancing at all the concert venues.

As we grew, inspiration came from hanging out and surfing on the beaches of Southern California. After a day of surfing, we cozy up in our Laguna sweatshirts, LAX and Baja hoodies.

These days, STATESIDE can be seen in the narrow alleys of Hong Kong, riding a Jeepney in Manila, strolling the streets of Kuala Lumpur, enjoying hawker food in Singapore, shopping in Bangkok, surfing in Bali, driving on the Great Ocean Road, camping in New Zealand, exploring the Old Quarter in Hanoi, flying into LAX, partying in Taipei, watching a street performance at The Bund in Shanghai and clubbing in Seoul or Tokyo.

STATESIDE is inspired by our travels and the people we meet around the world. The spirit of American fashion is alive and reflected in all our styles.

Premium Fabrics. Retail Quality. Made with Integrity. Trendy and Stylish. We are STATESIDE.